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Jill Maisch - as a writer, speaker, missionary, and educator - has a tendency to wander upstream... against the more comfortable current of social and spiritual complacency.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prayer for the first day of school...

As I prepare for the first day of school, I pray for…
·      * the child who was teased last year. God, show me the right lab group to put her in so she can make some good friends.
·    *   the child who thinks he isn’t a good student. God, let’s remind him learning is a process… that I won’t give up on him… and let’s celebrate everything he’s really, really good at.
·     *  the child who can’t sit still. God, help me appreciate and guide her energy.
·      * the child who is embarrassed because his parents couldn’t afford back to school shopping. God, give me insight so that I can discretely supply what he needs.
·    *   the child who forgets her locker combination for the eight time… in one day. God, grant me a sense of humor and patience.
·      * the angry child who builds a defensive wall to keep from being hurt. God, give me a gentle voice and a smile that says he is loved, welcomed and safe in my classroom.

God, I do believe you have a reason for putting each of your beloved children into my science class. Open my eyes and my heart to recognize the gifts and needs of each of your precious children. Remind me each day that the most important thing is first to teach students… and then to teach science.


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  1. Jill, this is so beautiful I wish I was still at my school....I would post it in the Faculty Room.
    I hope you have a blessed year.
    I miss you.