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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't Lose the Magic!

You remember the drill. As a child you would ask, "May I have a glass of chocolate milk?" only to have an adult respond, “What’s the magic word?” We were constantly reminded of the importance of saying please. “PLEASE may I have a glass of chocolate milk?” The other magic word was thank you. It was expected that if we received the glass of chocolate milk we would say thanks.

As adults have we lost the magic? As adults do we now feel that we are somehow entitled to receiving products and services from others?

Based on my observations during a recent vacation, it might appear so. Countless times I overheard adults at restaurants or shops curtly stating, “I want _______.” or “Give me _______.” Although I’m sure it embarrasses my family, I can’t help but add my two cents by mumbling under my breath, “Please?!”

Is it really so hard to say please?

I have seen adults receive something from another person and not say a word… often not even make eye contact with the person from whom they received it. By contrast, I’ve observed how servers and clerks brighten up whenever an appreciative person says, “Thank you so much!”... smiles, and looks them in the eye to show the words come from a sincere sense of gratitude.

Is it really so hard to say thank you?

We need to remember that those who work hard at providing goods we need or services we require deserve - at the very least -  our please and thank you.  Let’s not get so wrapped up in a false sense of entitlement that we lose the magic, please. Thank you!

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