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Jill Maisch - as a writer, speaker, missionary, and educator - has a tendency to wander upstream... against the more comfortable current of social and spiritual complacency.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Missions is Risky Business

Being active in missions is a lot like that book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"... you never know what could happen. Here's what I mean:

·      If you serve a homeless man a meal, he’s going to ask why you did it.
·      If you explain that your love of God makes it so that you can’t help but love others, he’s going to ask what’s so loveable about him.
·      If you sit down and begin a conversation to get to know him better, he’s going to think you’re his friend.
·      If he considers you his friend, he might want to go to your church.
·      If he goes to your church, he might bring his cup of coffee into the sanctuary.
·      If he brings a cup of coffee into the sanctuary, everyone will think they can bring coffee to worship.
·      If everyone thinks they can bring coffee to worship, it’s going to feel more relaxed.
·      If it feels more relaxed, then people might actually get to know each other better.
·      If people get to know each other better, they might realize each other’s hopes and struggles.
·      If we get to know each other’s hopes and struggles, we might actually become a community.
·      If we become a community, others might want to join the community.
·      If others want to join the community, we might outgrow our building.
·      If we outgrow our building, we might need to move Church outside the walls.
·      If we move Church outside the walls, we might meet more homeless people.
·      If we meet more homeless people, we might serve more meals…

And we know where THAT could lead! 
It could lead to actually BEING the Church.
Wouldn’t that be great?