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Jill Maisch - as a writer, speaker, missionary, and educator - has a tendency to wander upstream... against the more comfortable current of social and spiritual complacency.

Friday, June 29, 2012

I Haven't Written Anything

Last week I attended St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference.  It was an amazing week of learning and sharing.  I arrived home last Saturday with creative juices flowing and a laptop loaded with ideas.  I was looking forward to beginning work on several devotionals and a non-fiction project!

But… I haven’t written anything this week. 

This week I’ve been spending some extra time with my 7-week old grandson, Bryan.

I haven’t written anything, but…
I have felt the gentle warmth of Bryan’s breath on my neck.
I have experienced my heart melting whenever he flashes me his crooked smile.
I have noticed the phenomenon of how a baby feels heavier after he settles into a deep sleep.
I have been blessed by the flutter of his eyelashes on my cheek.
I have smelled his sweet, milky burps.
I have been tickled by his first attempts at laughing.
I have traced the intricate patterns on the palms his perfect little hands.
I have watched him dream while he is sleeping.
I have concluded that the best scent in the world is a baby’s hair after his bath.

I haven’t written anything this week, but Bryan has.
All week long this tiny author has been writing love on my heart.


  1. Beautiful, Jill! And you wrote love here.

  2. Funny - I quickly wrote this after I put Bryan down for a nap, but the second I posted he woke up and demanded attention... as if to say, "Ok, Grandma, you had your writing time... now it's back to me." Ha!