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Monday, July 11, 2011

Flip Flops and Fellowship

My beautiful friend, Pam, decided to gather together a group of her friends for “Flip Flops and Fellowship” this summer.  At first I was concerned about the fact that I won’t – can’t – wear flip flops.  It’s the “toe wedgie” thing that I find extremely uncomfortable.  I’m more of a Berkies gal.  I was assured I would still be welcome sans the requisite footwear.  We meet weekly and pretend to read and discuss Riding the Dragon (Robert J. Wicks).  OK – that’s not fair.  We really ARE reading and discussing the book.  All the FFFers (as Pam calls us) are women who have lived (or are living) through challenging times and Riding the Dragon offers us an alternative to how we, in our society, typically deal with stress.  The book’s introduction reads, “…difficult times can offer graced moments in a more striking way than the good times can.  Through reflection, they can bring us back to the recognition that we can’t avoid all trauma or stress.  Moreover, we are called neither to win nor to abandon the fight to be a sensitive, joyful, compassionate person, but we are called to live fully.”  As we discuss key concepts in the book, our own stories – as well as our tears and laughter – flow.  We’re learning about and from each other.  We’re growing and journeying together.  In short, we’re building relationships – with or without the footwear.  Thanks, Pammie! 

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